We provide comprehensive solutions to best serve our customers, concerning space measurement, material installation, as well as carpet cleaning /storage services.

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One of our specialists will visit your space for a detailed measurement to come up with a customized plan.

Then, technical advice and solutions are given based on functionality and aesthetics, tailored to your needs and the particularities of your space.



Our specialized technicians undertake to skillfully install the selected materials (flooring, wallpapers, etc.). We also provide technical support for business facilities, undertaking the installation of materials in corporate premises, hotels, restaurants, boats, yachts, etc. across Greece.

Our highly skilled staff’s mission is to deliver flawless results of superior design and craftsmanship .



We collect, clean , store and deliver your carpets / rugs at a time of your convenience. Upon pickup, your carpets are treated using special hypoallergenic, cleaning products and modern equipment to ensure an antimicropbial effect and preserve the quality of your carpets. We use special bags to keep your carpets safe in dedicated spaces under optimal conditions.

We follow 3 simple steps:

  • Free pickup / delivery of carpets from/to your place
  • Careful cleaning with hypoallergenic, eco-friendly products in modern equipment
  • Keeping your carpets / rugs safe for as long as you wish